Our New Class Pet

Our class fish Poseidon died (R.I.P.) and now we got a class iguana!

He is a vegetarian so he eats leaves.

He sleeps in a tiny log.

He has no name (Witch is sad) but he is still awesome!!!

Do you like lizards? Why or why not?

Class Mural

Our teacher put together a Mural!

We sent a piece to different classes in our district.

They colored it then send it to the other classes.

It turned out amazing once we got all of our pieces

The artist who made this is Jim Dine. https://goo.gl/TJmsux



Sugar Skulls!

In our class we made sugar skulls on the Mexican holiday called the Day of the Dead.

We had lots of fun and we used Neon Paint.

They were all different and unique.

Has your class done this?

Maybe you could make your own?

The day of the dead for 2018 is on October 31-November 2!

I hope you  can learn more about sugar skulls and the day of the dead.

Social Contract

In my class we made a Social Contract! We added how we want to be treated and how we will treat others. We want to be kind, respectful, fair, worthy, included, have hurmor, take ownership, listen to others, and be encouraging! Everyone in our class wrote our name on our Social Contract.

Class pledge

In my class we are the challengers! We have a class pledge that we read every day.

“As a member of the Challengers I pledge to take risks and learn from my mistakes.

I will not be afraid to stand tall and take a challenge.

As a community, we will respect and support each other.

We keep going and we keep growing.

We are strong, fierce, we are S.O.A.R.-Soar!

Together we are the CHALLENGERS!”

Global Read Aloud


In my class we participated in the global read aloud. Our class read a book (A long Walk to Water) at about the same time as other classes. It was about a boy in Sudan and a girl who had to walk hours a day to get water. I will remember it because it was such a good book. We had lots of fun!